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City Hall

City Office
110 North Pine
PO Box 335
Howard, Kansas 67349
City Clerk: Joanna Hunter

Phone: 620-374-2202
Fax: 620-374-3060

Hours 8-12 and 1-5 weekdays, excluding Federal Holidays

City of Howard

Phone 620-374-2202, 110 N Pine, POB 335, Howard, KS 67349, Office hours 8-12 and 1-5 weekdays

Web site 

Email  The city also has a Facebook page titled City of Howard

Following is some general information about living in the City of Howard. This is not a complete list. If you have questions or need more detail, you should ask the responsible person/department for clarification.

City of Howard provides water, sewer and gas service, and billing only for trash service.
Come in to the city office during business hours to set up your account and get utilities turned on. We will need a copy of your driver’s license and social security card; as well as $100 refundable deposit. An adult must be present at the house when any utilities are turned on. The City will not light your pilot lights for you.
For bill payment or key return after hours, there is a mail slot on the City Office front door.
The City accepts cash or checks only, no cards. The City does not have an online payment system at this time. You can use your own bill-pay system to send a check to the office.
Minimum monthly fees for residential: GAS $28.17 includes first unit, $8.17 each unit after; WATER: $51.02 includes first 1000 gallon of water $5.68 per 1000 gallon after, SEWER $25.00 flat fee; TRASH $18.75. Other rates for commercial and rural customers can be provided. Sewer and Trash are always applied if you have Water service. A minimum use monthly bill for all utilities will be about $123 with tax.

Countywide Refuse picks up trash in Howard. Phone 620-647-6030 (this is billed thru the city for residences and billed directly for business/commercial.)
The residences east of Wabash Street are picked up on Thursday, west of Wabash pickup is Friday. Trash needs to be at the curb early in the morning. All trash needs to be in bags, and only household trash can be picked up (no animal carcasses, leaves/grass clippings, tires, toxic chemicals, etc.) You may have up to 3 trash cans and all must have lids and bottoms; or you may purchase a dumpster from Countywide by contacting them. You may set out trash bags without the can/dumpster, however if the bags are torn open or trash is scattered, you are responsible for cleanup. Resident trash is billed a month in advance to every residence that uses city water. Billing is through the City of Howard on your monthly bill.

Recycling is provided by Elk County, Office of Public Works. Phone 620-374-2580
You may take your clean recyclable cardboard, paper, glass and #1 or #2 plastics to the county barn the 2nd and 4th Friday and Saturday each month from 9 to 11 am. The address is 305 S Plum in Howard. They provide service to other cities in the county, and occasionally have a one day drop-off for hazardous waste and electronic items.

SKTC provides landline telephone and wired internet in Howard.
Web site  Phone 888-758-8976,  112 S Lee, POB 800, Clearwater, KS  67026

AT&T fixed wireless 877-322-5843
Other carriers have wireless internet available in the area. Some cell phone services work well while some specific locations or specific carriers do not work as well. You are advised to test for signal to be assured of reception before signing up with any providers.

Evergy provides electric service in Howard.
Web site To report an outage 800-544-4857
Phone 800-383-1183 residential customers. For business customers call 800-401-5666

Animal Regulations All dogs need to have a yearly tag which you purchase at the city office in April each year. You will need current rabies vaccination records from a licensed veterinarian. Altered or unaltered status (spayed/neutered) must show on your vaccination papers.
If you have more than 3 dogs, you must purchase a tag for each PLUS a kennel license ($100.) The City of Howard does not allow Pit Bulls or vicious animals in the city limits. Howard does have a leash law. Howard’s dog pound is a kill-only pound, we are not authorized by the state to adopt-out or foster-out. While efforts are made to find owners quickly, impounded animals must be picked up in 3 days or they will be euthanized.
You are required to be a responsible animal owner/harborer and follow all city and state regulations for the health and safety of any-and-all animals on your property that you own or feed; and to avoid nuisance or danger to people or property.
No barb wire fencing is allowed in the city limits (with exception of grandfathered locations.) For detailed animal regulations, see the City Ordinances available for view online  or in the city office.

Benson Museums Phone 620-330-7721
With 7 buildings of history, memories and nostalgia, all within a couple blocks in downtown Howard, this is a treasure. Call for their hours or to make an appointment for a tour. See their web page at or their Howard Benson Museums Facebook page.

Burn Permit You may burn brush, leaves and grass clippings on your property with a burn permit and proper safety precautions. You may not burn lumber, furniture or other household items. You must get the burn permit from the city office during regular business hours. Permits are good for one month and there is no charge. You must notify the Elk County Sheriff’s office by calling 620-374-2108 before you burn AND after your burn is completed. Burn permits are not valid when there is a state-wide burn ban, nor in April.

Brush Dump City residents may use the Howard brush dump free of charge. You may only dump brush and limbs. No grass clippings, raked leaves, plastic bags or trash of any kind can be included. To use the dump, you will need to sign for a key at the city office during business hours and return the key when you are done. The city office personnel will give you directions and other instructions.

C&D Landfill Howard operates a Construction and Demolition dump regulated by the State. Rates are available at the city office. City employees cannot help you offload and there is no equipment available at the dump. You must drive your secured load to the city office during regular office hours so we can see the load and size. You pay the fee, then a city employee will lead you to, or meet you at, the dump and direct you where to back-in for unloading. This landfill is available only during business hours and your load must be off well before business hours end. This is NOT a regular trash landfill. It is strictly construction and demolition debris. Your load will be inspected. No caulking tubes, plastic buckets or bags, packaging, furniture or other household trash can be in your load, or the entire load will be rejected and you may be banned from further use.

City Lake Polk Daniels There are shelter houses, a boat ramp and porta-pot facilities (seasonal) available. You may fish from the bank or on your fishing boat with no fee, but MUST have State required fishing licenses. There are very affordable daily use family permits for swimming and camping, an annual permit for swimming is available. Each permit includes permission for one vehicle. Vehicle permits are required for extra vehicles for $1, and you can have a maximum of 3 vehicles per permit. Permits are available at the city office, and all except shelter house reservations can be purchased at P&J’s on the highway. Shelters must be reserved and paid at the Howard City Hall.

City Wide Yard Sales followed by City Wide Cleanup City wide yard sales are generally on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the first full week in June, and again the last full week in September to coincide with Fabulous Finds on Highway 99. The dates are subject to change. The city wide cleanup follows one or two weeks after each event. You should see advertisements for them in local businesses and on business social media. For the Yard Sales, there is a small fee to be advertised on the city map.
For the Cleanup there is no charge. You will be directed to take large items to dumpsters near the intersection of Jefferson & Cherry Streets. No construction and demolition debris. No tires and no hazardous wastes. There will usually be someone picking up metal items. Typically, a couple of volunteers will pickup items at the curb from residents who cannot transport, but that must be arranged before the cleanup dates by calling the city office and is not a City project.

Cox Building
The Cox Building is our local community building and is available for rent by the day. There is an east and a west room, kitchen and restrooms. It is handicap accessible. The schedule is in the city office and that is where you reserve the space and pay your fee. No alcohol beverages are allowed. Cleanup requirements and other information is available at the city office.

Elk County Council on Aging Senior services as well as General Public Transportation for Elk County residents. Phone 620-374-2403. The vans have a set schedule for shopping trips, and will work with you to accommodate appointment times.

Elk County Courthouse hours are Monday to Thursday 7:00 to 5:30 except Treasurer & District Court  several of the departments have Facebook pages and other social media accounts
Ambulance Barn 620-374-3505   ALL EMERGENCIES: dial 911
Appraiser 620-374-2832
Clerk 620-374-2490
County Attorney 620-374-3507
District Court 620-374-2370 office hours are Mon-Fri 8:00am to 4:30pm
Emergency Management 620-374-3597   ALL EMERGENCIES: dial 911
Public Health Department & EMS Billing 620-374-2277
Register of Deeds 620-374-2472
Road/Weed & Public Works(recycling) 620-374-2580
Sheriff’s Department non-emergency number 620-374-2108   ALL EMERGENCIES: dial 911
Treasurer 620-374-2256 office hours are Mon-Thurs 7:00am to 5:00pm
Driver’s License Renewals
done at the Treasurer’s Office Mon-Thurs 7am to 5pm. There you can renew current Kansas license (not CDL's.) They can issue driver's license or instructional permits for those completing driver’s education. CDL or Out-of-state must go to a full service exam station


Howard Chamber of Commerce Email (preferred contact method)
Phone 620-374-2265. This is a volunteer organization and you may need to leave a message.
They have a Facebook page where they post current information and where you can find local businesses and events as needed. They meet the 4th Wednesday of each month at noon for lunch, except June is an evening meeting. City residents as well as business owners are welcome.

Howard Housing Authority is a Public Housing Agency
Phone 620-374-2386, 134 E Washington St #A, Howard, KS

Howard Senior Center and Friendship Meals 620-374-2200 148 N Wabash
The Senior Center is an active part of our community – and they provide weekday lunch meals where you can eat in the dining room with many new friends, or home-bound people can have meals delivered. You do not have to be a certain age to participate. They request a $3 donation per meal for people over 60 and $5 for younger ages. Call them for details.

Library 126 E Wabash, 620-374-2890
Howard Public Library is an active and important part of our community. Hours are Mon 1-6pm, Tues 4-7pm, Wed, Thurs & Fri 2-5pm, Sat 9am to noon. Contact: website and the Howard City Library Facebook page or email

Parks and Shelters
Howard has 3 city parks. Jackson Park is on the 800 block of East Randolph and has a walking path, playground equipment, Veteran’s Memorial and public restrooms. West Park is in the 400 block of West Randolph. It has playground equipment, shelter houses, restrooms (seasonal) as well as a large open space to play. South Park is located in the 500 block of South Wabash and of South Pennsylvania. It has the City Swimming Pool, playground equipment, tennis court, large shelter house and a baseball field.
No horses or motorized vehicles are allowed in any of the parks; with exceptions for electric wheelchairs for disabled persons. If you walk your dog there, you must pickup after them.

Swimming Pool at 541 S Pennsylvania is open to the public at regularly set hours in the summer. They conduct swimming lessons and some aqua-exercise classes on occasion as well. Please contact the pool for further information. Phone 620-374-2827

City of Howard Phone Numbers
Dial 911 for all emergencies!
620-374-2202           City Clerk
620-374-2890           City Library
620-374-2108           Elk County Sheriff Dispatch law enforcement non-emergency number
620-374-2121           Howard Gas Department
620-374-2827           Howard Swimming Pool
620-374-2501           Howard Water Department