Special Notices


Link To Pay to the city online:   HOWARD        The service is provided through the State of Kansas, and NICUSA. There is a 2.5% convenience fee for credit/debit cards or a $1.50 flat fee for an online check transaction that is added to your payment. If you are paying over $60, you may wish to use the online check option as it will be a little cheaper for larger payments.

Link to City Ordinances:  https://codelibrary.amlegal.com/codes/howard/latest/overview

January 2021. The paper bills we send to customers now have to be processed in Wichita then brought back to Howard to be delivered.
We have no control over the delivery date, so will try to mail them earlier in the month.
The bills will have the same due dates as always, but hopefully you will receive them by the 1st of each month.
The dates on your City bill will remain the constant. Bill date the 30th, due by the 10th to avoid 10% penalty.
Meters are read on the 15th each month, so the bill you receive on or near February 1 will be for services used between December 15, 2020 and January 15, 2021. Payment will be due by February 10 to avoid late penalty, and utilities will be shut off if not paid by February 28.
If you have not received your bill or have lost it, you may call to ask for the amount due.
As always, you can contact the office to receive your bills through email.


12/02/20 Effective immediately, Elk County Courthouse operations are modified to mail, phone, online renewals, drop box or appointment   (as necessary).
You may contact the Courthouse at 620-374-2490. For business with the Treasurer’s office, call 620-374-2256.
--You may use the drop box located in the elevator foyer at the west door of the building.
-Online contact to the offices may be made via web: http://elkcountyks.org/ .  Select “Departments” to access the specific department’s email.


AN ORDINANCE repealing and replacing the Code of the City of Howard, Kansas, Chapter 15 UTILITIES, by repealing section 15-105 and 15-105A Pertaining to deposits and replacing it with a new section 15-105 implementing a connection fee; and by repealing Chapter 15, Section 15-216, Utility Deposit.

             Be It Ordained by the Governing Body of the City of Howard:

SECTION 1: That Section 15-216 of the Code of the City of Howard, Kansas is hereby repealed

SECTION 2: That Section 15-105 and 15-105A of the Code of the City of Howard, Kansas is hereby repealed and replaced with Section 15-105 to read as follows:


  1. A non-refundable connection fee of $100 total shall be charged at the time a customer requests and is granted Water, Sewer, Gas or any combination thereof. The full amount of the connection fee shall be paid to the City Clerk before any service connection shall be made.
  2. If a customer requests a temporary suspension to any utility, a $20 fee will be required to reinstate the utility.
  3. If service has been shut off for failure to pay, the reinstatement fee shall be $25 for water service or $25 for gas service or $50 for both water and gas. No connection or reinstatement shall be made for any customer who owes an unpaid balance to the city for prior or existing service at any location.
  1. Should an existing customer move to another address in the City’s service area, utilities may be established at the new address without paying the full connection fee provided the following are met:
  • The customer cannot have been disconnected due to failure to pay during the past 24 months;
  • The customer must have a good payment record, which is defined as no more than one late payment in a 12-month period.
  1. A transfer fee of $25 will be required to transfer the utilities
  2. Connection fees cannot be transferred from one customer to another

SECTION 3: All ordinances and parts of ordinances conflicting with the provisions of this ordinance are hereby expressly repealed.

SECTION 4: This ordinance shall take effect and be in full force from and after its passage by the Governing Body of the City of Howard and publication in the official City newspaper, The Prairie Star. 
    Passed and Approved by the Governing Body of the City of Howard this 21 day of December, 2020.
ss:./ Richard P Clark, Mayor       ss:/ Joanna Hunter, City Clerk
City of Howard is now sending monthly utility bills to customers through email. We have the ability to add a newsletter to the email to help keep people informed about city events, and a link to the online payment site will be at the top of each newsletter. If you would like to get email bills (we plan to send only 1 email per month unless there is an emergency) send a message through email to cityofhoward@sktc.net , or call 620-374-2202. Your ebills will come from ' howardbill@sktc.net '


You may donate toward the pool at any time. Choose the blue "HOWARD" link at the top of this page to donate, or bring or mail a donation to:
City of Howard, POB 335, 110 N Pine in Howard