Special Notices


If you'd like to donate to the pool restoration, send it to the City and note that it's for the Pool. You can walk in the office, drop it in the door slot, or mail it to City of Howard, POBox 335, Howard, KS 67349. We will greatly appreciate the support.
Remind your friends who live outside Howard that their donations are requested and appreciated as well!




The bid for the Howard City pool restoration from Mid-America Pool Renovation has been received and a summary of that bid is printed below. The Inter-Glass liner material has a 25-year warranty and is guaranteed to be easy to clean.

There are fundraising efforts going on by a separate group called Howard City Pool Restoration Project. While the City is in support of those efforts, a final decision on whether to contract for the repairs has not been made by the Howard City Council.

Also are pictures Mid-America provided of what it would look like with a tanning shelf and some sprinklers. A full copy of the entire bid is available to look at in the City Office, 110 N Pine, Howard.