Polk Daniels Lake
Lake Use Permits Available at the City Office, Sweet & Spicy, or online.
Daily fishing from bank or boat is FREE, as we participate in the CFAP Program through the Kansas Fish and Game Department. However, you are responsible to have current Kansas fishing license
There are no electric, drinking water or waste water facilities at the lake
There are trash dumpsters and porta-pots in the summer
We ask that you treat the property well, clean up after yourself, and have a good time. Rules are posted at the entrance to the lake
Vehicles are to only travel on authorized roadways

The City is not responsible for accidents
For information, call the City Office @ 620-374-2202



You must have a State required license for fishing and for your boat

These permits are available at City Office, Sweet & Spicy, or online:

DAILY USE PERMIT - $3.50 per day  Authorizes 1 vehicle and immediate family (dependents living at home) access to water for swimming and pleasure boating for 1 calendar day

CAMPING PERMIT - $5.50 each 24-hour period  Same as daily permit PLUS camping. Two week limit.

EXTRA VEHICLE PERMIT - $1.00 each  You can buy up to 2 extra, for a maximum of 3 vehicles per family.  Annual permits get stickers, day use and camping get paper permits.

To purchase Daily Use, Camping, and Extra Vehicle Permits online: 

Go to cityofhoward.org and click on “Pay My Bill Online!” button, or go to 


Transaction Item:  choose License or Permit Fees from dropdown menu, and type in daily or camp & date(s).  Enter extra vehicle permits as another item.

Unit Price:  Enter the price (Daily= $3.50, Camping= $5.50/day, Vehicle= $1)  

Check that total price, phone #, and dates of use are correct before submitting.

Print or take a screen shot of confirmation as proof of permit. 


These permits must be purchased at City Office during business hours:

ANNUAL PERMIT - $25.50 for the year (expires Dec 31)  Includes 1 vehicle permit sticker. You may add up to 2 extra vehicle permit stickers for $1 each.  Authorizes daily use for the rest of the year

GROUP EVENT PERMIT - $20.00 for 5-hour event. Intended for group water activities during a specific 5-hour period which must be noted on the permit. This is separate from shelter rent or Camping permit. The host/purchaser of this permit accepts responsibility for the safety and actions of attendees plus cleanup.  There is no lifeguard on duty.

SHELTERS - $20 each calendar day. Must reserve and pay in advance at the Howard City Office.  Shelter rent does not include water activities or overnight camping.  Overnight stays must also have a camping permit. Renters are responsible for all cleanup of the shelter and surrounding area.

All permits and reservations available at the City Office on weekdays, 8 to 12 and 1 to 5

        110 N. Pine     (620) 374-2202     cityofhoward@sktc.net