Cox Building

The Cox Building is located at 100 W. Washington and is available to rent to the public.  It has 2 rooms that are available the west room which will accommodate 50 people for a set down meal and the east room will accommodate 30 for a set down meal.  The west room cost $20 to rent and the east room cost $10 and a total of $30 to rent the whole building.  You may call the city office at 620.374.2202 to rent the building.


No alcoholic beverage and smoking shall be permitted on property.

No nails, thumbtacks, pins, tape or other items may be used to hang items on walls that will leave a blemish on the wall.

* Any of the Cox Building tables and chairs that are used must be put away before vacating the building.

You will be responsible for any damages that occur to the Cox Building and property during the rental period.

* The City of Howard is not responsible for any accidents.

* Thermostat will be turned off during summer after use, or turned down to 55 degrees during winter months.

* Please leave the building in the same condition you found it.