Special Notices


2020 Census is important for many reasons. Kansas response rate as of April 7, 2020 is 50.5% - Elk County is 35.4% and Howard City is 34.8%. The 2020 Census will be used to decide on government funding for many projects, like roads, libraries, congressional representation and other things. If you haven't responded, please do. The #2020Census is happening now. You can respond online, by phone, or by mail. To respond online, go to 2020census.gov . The facts page link below can answer many questions. And remember the Census Bureau is bound by Title 13 of the U.S.Code to keep your information confidential.

Facts page: https://ask.census.gov/prweb/PRServletCustom/YACFBFye-rFIz_FoGtyvDRUGg1Uzu5Mn*/!STANDARD  Response Rate page: https://2020census.gov/en/response-rates.html?utm_campaign=20200406chc20s1ccallrs&utm_medium=email&utm_source=govdelivery


Fire Chief Signer notified the office that the State Burn Ban for April has been relaxed and citizens may burn in the city limits on their own property. Because of this, he has authorized burning in the city limits of Howard - but this is limited to GRASS AND LEAVES ONLY, no sticks/branches or any other items. You must have a burn permit to do so and PLEASE be considerate of your neighbors as to the smoke. Call the city office to request a burn permit, we will write it out and you can come pick it up through the slot in the office door.

Remember that agricultural burning, traditionally done in early spring, is out of the city control.


Dog tags are due in April. If you need to come to the office, PLEASE CALL TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT. You need to bring current rabies vaccinations if we don't have them on file. Also cash or check for the amount due.
Dog tags are $10 each if animal is unaltered, $5 each if spayed/neutered. That needs to be noted on the veterinarian's rabies paperwork. If you have 4 or more dogs, you will need to purchase a Kennel License also at $100.
Again; please call if you need an in-person appointment to get your dog tags.
City of Howard 620-374-2202 cityofhoward@sktc.net


The City Council of the City of Howard, Kansas in Special Meeting resolved that Effective March 20, 2020,
the City Office at 110 N Pine will be closed to the public until further notice. This is done to protect citizens and employees.
The City Staff will work regular hours and
Services will remain in operation without interruption.
City office drop box: 110 N Pine, Howard, Kansas
City phone number: 620-374-2202
City email address: cityofhoward@sktc.net
The city drop box on the door is available to accept payments and documents.
In addition, telephone communication and email will be addressed by city staff as usual.
If an in-person meeting is deemed necessary by city personnel, an appointment will be made.
These changes will be re-evaluated if any positive COVID-19 cases are reported in Elk County.

Resolution 2020-02 City of Howard


City of Howard Municipal Court dates have been moved to May 19, 2020. There will be no Municipal Court held on March 17 and those appearances have been postponed until May 19, 2020.


BEWARE! Citizens have received calls last week and again today from someone selling insurance and spoofing city employee's phone numbers. NONE of the city employees (or likely no one else with a Howard number) will call you randomly to sell anything. The best advice is to hang up immediately if you receive one of these calls. 02/26/2020

January 20, 2020: The Howard City Council determined that to ensure the water utility is financing itself and to be fiscally responsible for the citizens of Howard, the City water base rate must be raised to cover the actual costs of supplying water to the community. Continued increases in treatment chemical and other costs make this necessary. The water base rate will increase $14.45 per month per meter and the $5.68 per thousand thereafter will remain the same. The last rate increase was in 2015. The base rate of water (minimum charge per month) will be $51.02, beginning with bills due March 10, 2020.



2020 Dog Tags are on sale now at the Howard City Office. Bring in current rabies vaccination certificate.
Neutered/spayed dogs are $5 and intact are $10.
2020 Kennel Licenses are $100. If you have 4 or more dogs, you are required to have a kennel license in addition to individual dog tags.
Howard does have a leash law, and a PitBull/Vicious animal ban.
And of course all State and Federal laws regarding Animal Abuse & Neglect apply.
Dog tags are due April 1, 2020 and late charge (after April 30, 2020) is $10 per dog in addition to regular license costs.



Howard City-Wide Yard Sales are tentatively set for  Friday, Saturday and Sunday, June 5, 6 and 7, 2020.
City Wide Cleanup is tentatively set for Saturday, June 13, 2020




The council met last night in regular session.  The base gas rate was increased from $18.00 to $20.00.  The unit rate was left at the present rate of $8.17; therefore, the minimum rate will increase from $26.17 to $28.17.  The February billing will reflect the increase.

EFFECTIVE    Febraury 1, 2019 ******************GAS RATES****************** ******************$20.00 ****************** *******$8.17 EACH UNIT AFTER*******
1)          28.17 21)       191.57 41)       354.97
2)          36.34 22)       199.74 42)       363.14
3)          44.51 23)       207.91 43)       371.31
4)          52.68 24)       216.08 44)       379.48
5)          60.85 25)       224.25 45)       387.65
6)          69.02 26)       232.42 46)       395.82
7)          77.19 27)       240.59 47)       403.99
8)          85.36 28)       248.76 48)       412.16
9)          93.53 29)       256.93 49)       420.33
10)      101.70 30)       265.10 50)       428.50
11)      109.87 31)       273.27 51)       436.67
12)      118.04 32)       281.44 52)       444.84
13)      126.21 33)       289.61 53)       453.01
14)      134.38 34)       297.78 54)       461.18
15)      142.55 35)       305.95 55)       469.35
16)      150.72 36)       314.12 56)       477.52
17)      158.89 37)       322.29 57)       485.69
18)      167.06 38)       330.46 58)       493.86
19)      175.23 39)       338.63 59)       502.03
20)      183.40 40)       346.80 60)       510.20



Focus on Water

Water Wasted In One Month From Leaks  



Most people think that water leaks are someone else’s problem,

until they check!  Water leaks inside your home can account for as

much as 10% of your water bill, and waste 50 cents or more a day

if the source is a hot water tap.  Faucet leaks are obvious, but be sure

to check seldom used taps in the basement or outside the house.

If you notice a drop in your water pressure, any unusual wet areas

or bubbling water in your yard, call to have it checked for a leak.

Leaks in your service line may account for a large loss in water supply;

sometimes as much as 50%.

Dig Safe: 1-800-DIG-SAFE (344-7233)


Water Drought/Emergency Ordinance No. 618



1. A Slow Steady Drip

    (100 drops a minute)        350

2. A Fast Drip                       about 600

3. A Small Stream                 2,000-7,000

4. A Large Stream                 46,000



If you get one of these in your mail, could you please fill it out and send it in? It is a requirement from the KCC to try and get the word out about our gas system and knowing what to look for and do in an emergency. Thank You!