Special Notices


Turner McLean Day

Presented by Mayor Richard Clark


Whereas, Turner McLean left Howard, Kansas in January 2018 to begin an arduous medical journey, and

Whereas, Turner McLean has undergone multiple challenges during the last seven months, and

Whereas, the citizens of Howard, Kansas, Turner’s family and friends have anxiously awaited the day of his return, and

Whereas, Turner McLean has exhibited amazing courage during this journey and we celebrate his return to Howard, Kansas on this day September 15, 2018, and

Whereas, the citizens of Howard, Kansas want to welcome Turner and his family home; Now, Therefore,

BE IT PROCLAIMED, BY THE MAYOR OF HOWARD, KANSAS, Richard Clark, that this day September 15, 2018 is TURNER MCLEAN DAY in Howard, Kansas.



Due to the rain, the sewer smoke test in Howard has been rescheduled for October.  Exact dates in October have not been determined yet.




If you get one of these in your mail, could you please fill it out and send it in? It is a requirement from the KCC to try and get the word out about our gas system and knowing what to look for and do in an emergency. Thank You!